Bill Dixon's Miscellaneous Web Pages
These pages have long beemn dormant. A move to a new provider is causing a refresh of the pages.
This is an ongoing process that is being done as time and interest allow.
Currently only the System 7 Napoleonics pages are up and are a work in process. Nove 21, 2021.

The Model Railways of Bill Dixon

The Nicola Valley Railway- The Vancouver and Nicola Valley Railway- The Hudson Bay Railway

1870 Game Rules

Online version of 1870 game rules.
Other 18xx info will be posted as time and desire permits.

18xx Game Tiles

Special Tiles used in my 18xx Games

System 7 Napolenoics Rules

Online version of UBC System 7 Rules


HOn30, Dixmont & Winslow Ry, Dixmont Mineral Railway and others

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