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TT-Tracks© Events

This lists events that a full operating TT-Tracks© layout was displayed. Smaller displays and publicity only displays have been at several other events. The '#s" indicate the number of the display.

Possible Future Events

Possible Events in 2022

  • BCME - July/August
  • NMRA National in St Louis. Not likely. A bit far and may not be safe to travel yet.
  • One Weekend at BCME in September.
  • Victoria Show - Late September maybe with GuiTTar Display
  • Chilliwack in October
  • VTE Cancelled.

in 2021

  • All 2021 events were cancelled.
  • TT Tracks Dinner July 31, 2021. It was a good dinner.

in 2020

  • TT Tracks Birthday Dinner Jan 18, 2020. It was a good dinner.
  • All 2020 events were cancelled.

2019 Events

Events in 2019

The GuiTTar display was at Nanaimo Sunday March 10, 2019.

 2019 Nanaiomo Spring Meet

#28 Western Rails - Sunday March 24, 2019. - a preview of the Salt Lake City display.

Setup Saturday afternoon 2 pm to closing. Dinner at Red Robbin afterwards
Sunday 9 am to 4 pm - running. 4 pm tear down. Dinner afterwards.
New crossover module and new three piece corner. New modules from Voytek.

 2019 Western Rails North Side of Display  2019 Western Rails West Side of Display
 2019 Western Rails Half of South Side of the Display  2019 Western Rails East end of Display

Scheduling issues precluded a display at the Victoria show in May.

#29 BCME in June 22 and 23, 2019.

Setup Friday the 21st. Final test of modules before Salt Lake City.
A good setup and test of the first new loop. Worked well.

 2019 BCSME June Display

#30 NMRA National in Salt Lake City. Setup July 10 and 11. Display 12-14.

Second new loop in service. Folding loop used in staging area.
A great show. Richard was there with his modules. Display was 16' x 35'.
 2019 Salt Lake City Display

#31 BCSME August 30, Sept 1, 2019. Two days of Labour Day long weekend.

Tibi was there for setup, then Terry and I ran the display for two days. Everything ran well.
 BCSME 2 Display

#32 Chilliwack in October - 70'

We setup Friday the 18. We ran Saturday 19 and Sunday 20. As usual due to work I was only able to be there on the Friday and the Sunday.
Most things ran well. Voyteks 0-6-0 would not run. I bought it. My new TT-Scale heavyweight passenger cars would not behave.
Other than those minor issues, things ran well. Due to the length of the layout, it takes two pictures to show the display.
 The South end of the display The South end of the display.
 The North End of the display. The North end of the display.

#33 VTE in November 9 and 10, 2019

We setup on Friday the 8th, ran the 9th and 10th, teardown on the 10th.
A great display. Everybody made it: myself, Tibi, Terry and Graeme,Voytek, Richard and his wife Katalin, and Xenia.
Except for the Dual Frog juicer on one end loop acting up, things ran well. We had a couple of good dinners.
Richard had equipment to sell. Terry had his first Tllig/Lionel F3 conversion runing. It ran well. We will do a few more conversions.
We had new blue table covers for all our tables. They looked great. Much better than the cheap plastic table covers we used to tape
to the tables.
Overall Vancouver Train Expo 2019 was a great success as a show. The best VTE ever.
 The 2019 VTE display from the North end.

Nothing in 2020 or 2021 due to Covid

#34 BCSME in February 2022

#35 BCSME in April 2022

Past Events

TT-Tracks© Events in 2011

#1 Trains 2011 - First Ever Pubic Display of TT-Tracks©

 2011 First Setup

TT-Tracks© Events in 2012

#2 Western Rails

 2012 Western Rails Display

#3 PGE 100th Anniversary Convention

 2012 PGE Display

TT-Tracks© Events in 2013

#4 Western Rails

 2013 Western Rails Display

#5 Chilliwack

Chilliwack 2013 setup.

#6 Trains 2013

Trains 2013 setup.

Events in 2014

#7 Western Rails in March

 2014 Western Rails Display

#8 Chilliwack - October 2014

 2014 Chilliwack Display

#9 Trains 2014 - November 2014

 Trains 2014

Debut of the GuiTar Case layout at Trains 2014 - November 2014

 GuiTTar Case Display at Trains 2014

Events in 2015

#10 Western Rails in March

 2015 Western Rails Display

#11 Victoria in May

 2015 Victoria Display

#12 NMRA National in Portland, Oregon

 2015 Portland National Display

#13 Trains 2015 - November 2015

 2015 Trains Display

Events in 2016

#14 Western Rails

 2015 Western Rails Display  2015 Western Rails Display

#15 BCME in June

 2016 BCSME June Display

#16 NMRA National in Indianapolis

 2016 Indianapolis National Display

#17 Vancouver Train Expo - November 2016

 2016 Vancouver Train Expo Display

Events in 2017

#18 Western Rails

 2017 Western Rails Display

#19 BCSME August

 2016 BCSME August Display

#20 BCSME September - New end Loops

 2016 BCSME September Display

#21 Chilliwack in October - new two piece large corner.

 2016 Chilliwack Display  2016 Chilliwack Display

#22 VTE - November 2017

 2017 VTE November Display

Events in 2018

#23 Western Rails - a Big Display

 2018 Western Rails Display

The GuiTTar display at Victoria in May

 2018 Victoria GuiTTar display

#24 Two weekends at BCME in July - HOT!!!

 2018 July BCSME Display

#25 One weekend at BCME in September. Much cooler.

 2018 September BCSME Display

#26 Chilliwack in October - 69' long display

 2018 Chilliwack Display

#27 VTE in November 2018

 2018 November VTE Display
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