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Module Bases

The first modules were made on a foam base made from a Woodland Scenics 12" x 24" foam sheet cut to length. This method has worked well and makes a nice light module.
Now that we are no longer doing 'Donught' diplays where each side must be the same length as the opposite side, there is no reason why you couldn't use the full 24" of foam. Be aware that there is no easy way to make 24" with Bedding track. You will either be cutting a track piece to fit or making the module a bit shorter than 24".

Longer faom modules would work but might have a strength issue if they get too long. Also be aware that longer modules come with transportation issues.

Two early modules were made on a thin plywood base. The plywood edges were braced with small basswood strips to prevent warping. This produced a strong light module.

Wood painters canvases have been used for module bases. There are many useful sizes. Be aware that they are not always square and may not be the exact size listed.
Three 24" Square canvases were used as the base of three large corners. Some fudgin was necessary to allow for their non square shape and nominal length. They served us well for many years and are stored serviciable.
One 12" x 24" frame has been acquired to use foir a #8 crfossover module.
Two 12" x 48" frames have been acquired for a projected run-through passenger station.

Larger full wood framed modules are OK. Be aware that these have a weight and transportaion issue. One modeller who has doen tbis built his modules in pairs that bolt together to make a transportation box.

There is no reason why a module could not extend to the front or rear of the standard size if the scene you are making requires it. Be aware of the transportation issues for these non standard modules.

Levellig Modules


Ballasting Track

Name tags

Sometimes we will need name tags to identify us at events. Here is a suggested format. The second name tag is filled out for Trains 2011.

TT Tracks name tags

Make TT accessories or structures or adapting other scale items to TT to work on these small modules

Here are two conv

erted N-Scale items. The blue item is a Kato N-Scale rerailer split and widened to TT Gauge. The black item on the front left is an Atlas N-Scale girder bridge split and widened to TT gauge. The girders are a bit low but it will do for a light duty bridge.

Miscellaneous TT items.

Non 90 degree corners

Any angle in 15 degree increments will be easy.



Thoughts on connecting tracks that don't cross boundaries at 90 degrees.

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Equipment Modules Resin Cars Events To be determined 2

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