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A few pictures of notable events.

VTE 2019 - Display at Vancouver Train Expo in Vancouver.
TT-Tracks at VTE 2019 our last Pre Covid Display.
Salt Lake City 2019 - Display at the NMRA National in Salt Lake City.
Salt Lake City 2019 our third National Train Show Display It was a Great show!
Indanapolis 2016 - Display at the NMRA National in Indianapolois.
Indianapolis 2016 our second National Train Show Display.
Portland 2015 - Display at the NMRA National in Portland Oregon.
Portland 2015 our First National Train Show Display.
March 17, 2013- Display at Western Rails 2013 in Burnaby.
TT-Tracks at Western Rails 2013
July 12, 2012 - Display at PGE/BCR/BC Rail Centennial Convention in Squamish.
TT-Tracks at PGE-BCR-BC Rail
Convention in Squamish, BC
March 18, 2012 - Display at Western Rails. RaTT was to the right of this display.
TT-Tracks at Western Rails 2012
Jan 18, 2012 - TT-Tracks First Birthday - TT-Tracks is 1.
TT-Tracks First Birthday
December 25, 2011 - TT-Tracks First Christmas. Lionel F-Unit conversion (Bullant bogies, Sagami Can motor, NWSL components) with Gold Coast box car on my first 'finished' module.
TT-Tracks First Christmas
November 12, 2011 - The display at Trains 2011. Despite the best efforts of Murphy to sabotage the display we managed to have a good run.
Display at Trains 2011 1
The brown unfinished modules were a temporary expedient to eliminate a very bad reverse curve between two corner modules. Had enough BG1 pieces (or BG2 , BG4 to make a BG1) been available they would have been installed length wise.
Display at Trains 2011
November 2011 - The Southern Pacific GP7 has a Lok-n-Roll chassis under it. Sadly the power chassis failed badly after a short run. A very poor design for location of motor and the universal shaft. Fixed Saturday night. Failed again Sunday AM. Now in the process of trying to relocate the motor.
Converted Lionel GP 9 Locomotive
August 15, 2011 - Another overview. Trees were added to the inside of the curves on the right hand corner modules.
Over view of setup.
August 1, 2011 - Here is an overall shot of my current six modules with a bit of US equipment running..
Over view of setup.
August 1, 2011 - The display needed a few signs.
Signs for Display.
August 1, 2011 - After mistakes were fixed today was equipment test day. I acquired a collection of TT about a decade ago and have not been able to test them yet.

I appear to have the contents of two Berliner 'T' box sets. Neither of the locomotives are stellar performers. I do have a third set in the original box.
Contents of Berliner T Box set

Of the Tillig Steam engines this 2-8-0+T (three axle tender) is the best performer. A bit noisy, a clean and lube should help.
Tillig 2-8-0+Tender

This 2-8-2T also shows promise. It is also noisy. I hope a servicing will improve its operation.
Tillig 2-8-2T

There are two of these 0-4-0Ts. Neither run. I am hoping a clean and lube will help
0-4-0T Steam Engine

This diesel needs work.
Diesel Locomotive

as does this set of railcars.
Rail Car Set.

This cute side rod diesel runs but is very noisy. I hope a servicing will calm it down as it otherwise runs well.
Side Rod Diesel Locomotive
I also acquired a bit of Traing Equipment (and a lot of Triang Track).:
Triang 0-6-0 and passenger cars.

A nice Castle Class 4-6-0+T:
Triang Castle class 4-6-0+T Steam
Locomotive Runs Noisy. Tender wheels do not like the new turnouts.

Unpacked and checked against the invoice everything is there.
a pile of product
I purchased a Suitcase starter set to get the basic oval and something to play with. After the basic modules are ready it will be time to resurrect the other equipment I have and get the Gold Coast Models completed. The locomotive is cute, has a flywheel and runs well. Working directional head and tail lights. It has a NEM 6 pin socket so will be easy to convert to DCC. The couplers need to be changed. The cars are functional. Need to decide sometime in the future whether to repaint them or keep them as they are as an example of an inexpensive starter set. I need to find a new 12V power adaptor to the controller as it comes with an European 220V wall wart.
TT Beginners Suitcase Set
My first shipment from Germany finally arrived after 24 days. The box is a bit battered but otherwise OK.
The first box
I am at work so only time for a quick peek inside.
a quick look inside the box

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Equipment Modules Resin Cars Events To be determined 2

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