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January 1, 2012
Happy New Year!

Started work on three new 24" wide corner modules. Hope to have these ready to use at Western Rails in March. May not be scenically finished but they will be useable.

I am using a new base for these modules. A painting panel. These are thin (1/8") birch plywood with a ?" or 2" frame underneath. Here is one with a standard straight module on top for size comparison..
Bedding Board

I have discovered that these are a nominal 24" square, maybe less 1/8" and are nominally square. Here are the three I am working on now. On two then I have put a 1" foam layer on top. These may not have feet as they are close to 2 3/4" high. On the third one I am laying the track on the wood.
Stack of new 24 inch square '  corners

The first corner I am working on is the wood topped corner. It will have three lines of track on it. I am hoping to have a station in the corner if I can find a suitable station model that could stand in for both North American and European use. If this corner is used with both my siding modules then the third line will be a passing siding. If only used with one siding module then it will be a station spur, otherwise it will be a display track for a static train.
New 24 inch square station corner
January 18, 2012
Happy Birthday

TT-Tracks is one year old today. When I find the birthday candles I will take a picture.

In our first year we had one successful display.

In our second year we hope to have at least two displays.
January 23, 2012
Corner progress

The three new two foot corners have track laid on them and are nominally square.
New Corners

One problem in building these new corners is that I have discovered an issue with the standards as written and what I am actually building. The standards say a 86 mm set back from the front to the centreline of the front main line. Measuring my current modules I discovered that I have built closer to 95mm. Unfortunately I built the new corners to the written specification. There are a few alignment issues.
This picture shows the front of the modules.
Standards issue

This picture shows how much the alignment is out when the four corners are set up together.
Alignment Issue

The test setup with one straight section between the corners shows that the alignment issue can be overcome with enough straight sections between the ends. I think that I will make one adaptor module to over come this issue.

To resolve this issue with future construction I will amend the standards to make the 95mm setback the standard.
February 12 and 13, 2012
New Two-Foot Corner progress

The weather was nice enough this weekend to do some work outside. Started on the basic scenery for the front right corner. Have the ballast down and the basic grass coat. The outside section needs brush and trees. I will leave the inside clear for now.
Front right corner

I have been experimenting with Noch and Busch scenic products. The RH crossover module, which to be confusing is the left hand module of the pair of crossover modules, now has a plowed field in the back instead of plain grass. I need to add a fence along the front. Not sure if I will repeat my wire fence or make a wood fence. I may keep the wire and post fence for the front of the modules as it can be better viewed there.
Left crossover module'  corners
March 18, 2012
Western Rails 2012

We had a display at Western Rails. RATT came down from Edmonton. Terry had the first incarnation of the staging yard. Voytek came down with an interesting selection of structures. There was a display of literature and models.
Western Rails TT-Scale Layout in 2012
July 14, 2012
Squamish PGE-BCR Sig Convention

As part of the PGE-BCR Sig Convention in Squamish I had a small TT-Tracks display. Of the eight modules used in the display, six are still in use in one form or the other. The other two are in storage.
Squamish Display
November 11, 2012
Trains 2012

There was a TT-Scale display at Trains but for various reasons TT-Tracks did not participate. RATT came down from Edmonton with a layout made from Vintage European models and they had a layout showcasing European equipment and a test shot of the SW1200. Terry had a display oval.
Vintage Layout

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