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As this page was getting a bit long it has been split into pages by years.

January 1, 2015
Happy New Year
A quick look back at the TT-Scale and TT-Tracks highlights of 2014:
  • A good setup at Western Rails
  • A foray into the world of Fast Tracks with a HOm turnout jig.
  • A one day display at Chilliwack.
  • A good display at Trains 2014.
2013 was a good year for TT-Scale!
January 1, 2015
This is Portland NMRA National Year!

If H P Products were still producing TT-Scale models (the company is still alive in its original home town) TT-Scale would be 69 years old this year. There could be a bit of quibbling over this date. I believe that TT-Scale was planned in 1943 but the war intervened and delayed production. The first ads I can find are in late 1946 MR magazines and I believe that the first products were shipped in 1947. I am using the 1946 first advertised date but a good case could be made for 1947 when the first product was shipped. Interestingly the company history shows the company as being established in 1947 so there is another wrinkle.
January 18, 2015
Happy Birthday
TT-Tracks is Four.
Sunday March 15, 2015 - Western Rails
Western Rails 2015 hosted our largest TT-Scale display to date!
With the TT-Tracks Display, displays by Terry, and Tibi and the debut of the "GuiTTar" Layout, we stretched over 32'.
We had the TT Tracks Display TT-Tracks Display
Tibi's display Tibi's Display
Terry's display Terry's Display
And last but not least the debut of The GuiTTar Layout The GuiTTar Layout by Bjoern
Which Won  Best of Show Best of Show an honour it well deserved.
With all the displays and activity, it was our biggest and best display ever.
May 24, 2015

Many years ago I purchased my first collection of TT-Scale equipment at the Victoria train show. Because of that I have long wished to take my TT-Tracks display to Victoria.
This year I was able to do that.
Bjoern and I went over on BC Ferries Saturday afternoon, spent the night in a Motel 6, and set up Sunday morning. We were able to drive in the hall to unload - and pack up later.
This was the first showing of Bjoern's Double wide Bridge Module and the banner he had made.
It was a good show. We discovered the Ngineering sound modules there. Bjoern now has one installed in a stock car. I haven't done mine yet. Graeme was there to help all day. Bjoern and I came back on the 7 PM ferry. It was a long day, but a good day.
 Victoria Show
August 28-30 2015

Portland was our first National Train Show Display. It was great and tiring.
I drove down with a van full of stuff.
Bjoern and Anja came down by Amtrak with the Guittar layout running on the train!
Terry came by train.
Tibi drove down.
Richard drove up from California.
Felix and John Verser drove in with goodies.
A few others dropped by to say Hi.
I came early to attend the convention. Had a good time. I attended a Fast Tracks clinic and built two TT-Scale turnouts.

One long hot Thursday setting up and then three long days of displaying.
Due to our scattered accomodations we never did get together for dinner.
A long drive home on Sunday night (with a stop for a nap along the way).
 Portland Display It was a GREAT SHOW!
October 2015
As Chillwack was too close behind Portland we did not display there this year.
November 06-08 2015, Vancouver Train Expo

At the 2015 Vancouver Train Expo (Formerly Trains 20nn at the Cameron Rec Centre) we debut the reverse loop made by Bjoern.
As it used my small corners from the first modules I built it had sharp corners (R2 and R1) but works well with slow speed operation.
The attendees were myself, Bjoern, Anja, Terry, Graeme, Tibi, Voytek, Richard and Xenia.

We went for a group Diner Saturday night.
 Reverse loop end at VTE 2015 It was a Good show!

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