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As this page was getting a bit long it has been split into pages by years.

January 1, 2014
Happy New Year
A quick look back at the TT-Scale and TT-Tracks highlights of 2013:
  • The big News was the release of the MTB SW1200 in multiple road names. A Fantastic Model.
  • For the first time in over 50 Years TT-Scale was featured on the cover of a North American Magazine - The January 2014 issue of Model Railroad News featured the MTB Southern Pacific SW1200.
  • Three full TT-Tracks displays were held in 2013.
  • With two TT-Scale layouts at the NMRA National and others at other shows, there were more TT-Scale layouts on display than ever.
  • Three new Resin cars were debut: the 40' Wood Reefer, the 36' Dominion Box Car and the 36' Dominion stock car.
  • and more.
2013 was a great year for TT-Scale!
January 18, 2014
Happy Birthday
TT Tracks is 3

TT-Tracks is THREE!
There are no obvious gifts for three year olds.
The Third anniversary gifts are Leather(traditional and kinky) or Crystal/Glass(Modern). Neither are very applicable so perhaps I'll just buy another SW1200 or two.
January 20, 2014
As there is no obvious gift for three years it was suggested that I either have a "Glass" of good Scotch or buy three new TT-Scale Items.
Since I have three different bottles of good Scotch on hand I have decided to buy three new TT- Scale items and have a glass of Scotch with each one as it arrives.
January 27, 2014
Last year I extended a third line from the back of the display around to the Station module. This is supposed to be an industrial spur but it is really too sharp a curve to easily place structures on. I am contemplating extending the line a bit further to make a switch back to the station corner.
 New back Line

To make this work requires building three non-standard module sections(yellow), one new straight module(mauve) and finishing the Bridge Module(mauve).

The deep yellow module in the front is just over 11 1/2" wide and will be sized to fit the switch and track in the back. From the switch a single spur track will extend onto the station corner. This spur will be long enough for an industry or two.
For the three main lines in the front I am going to use flex track with short Bedding track sections for the interfaces.

The long thin module behind the farm scene is needed to extend the track over to the as yet unfinished bridge module. I have not yet decided if it will be deep as shown, and have room for scenery or just deep enough to carry the track. That it is longer than a standard module is not a problem. One of the Staging modules is over length so this can be carried in the same box.

A special module is needed in the rear to balance the special module in the front. It will also be about 11 1/2" wide and the full 12" deep. I will most likely use flex track there as well. Nothing special is planned for its scenery. Yet.

The bridge module needs to be finished. Time to start working on the trestle sections.

To balance the Bridge module in the front, a new straight module will be needed in the back. Again I have no idea about its scenery. As it is on the back side of the display there is no rush to complete it. A basic grass cover will do for a start.

The four Red track pieces (one full curve, two half curves and one full straight) are removable for storage and transportation.

Adding these modules will grow the display from three eight foot tables to three eight foot tables with a fourth added across the end.

The new back track can be used as a switch lead or as a different route to run trains on. The sharp curves will restrict the speed and length of equipment used on it. This is not really an issue.
Much to contemplate before this is done. Need track frist.
March 16, 2014 - Western Rails
We had a good display at Western Rails this year.
 Western Rails 2014 Display

As well as the TT-Tracks display, Terry had a small display.
My code 55 Crossover module made using a Fast Tracks H Om turnout jig was there.  Western Rails 2014 Display
It worked well with North American equipment but had problems with deep flanged European equipment..
All the usual suspects were there and a new comer. It was a good show.
October 19, 2014 - Chilliwack
Terry and I traveled up the valley to Chilliwack for a Sunday setup. Things ran well.
 Chilliwack 2014 Display
November 8,8 2014 - Trains
We had another well running display at Trains 2014. For some reason I have no pictures.

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