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As this page was getting a bit long it has been split into pages by years.

January 1, 2017
Happy New Year
A quick look back at the TT-Scale and TT-Tracks highlights of 2016:
  • A good setup at Western Rails
  • Our first ever display at BCSME
  • A Great display at the NMRA National show in Indianapolis.
  • A good display at VTE 2016
2016 was another good year for TT-Scale!
January 1, 2017
This is Orlando NMRA National Year!

Un fortunately being at the wrong end of the country it will be near imposisble to get to. As well with no indication of any help it would be impossible to hold a one person show.
As well it is a bit of a sad year with Bjoern and Anja returning to Germany. He left his return loop modules with Tibi, his Baseball Diamond and two bridge modules with me and great memories with all of us here. They will be missed.
January 18, 2017
Happy Birthday
TT-Tracks is Six.
Sunday March 19, 2017 - Western Rails
We had a good setup at Western Rails 2017. Sadly it was our first display without Bjoern.
 Western Rails 2017 Display Western Rails 2017 Display . Voytek came down with bis modules.
Saturday after we were finished setting up we went across the street to Red Robbin for beer and a burger.
 A toast to absent friends A toast to absent friends.

We had a good time. As the public was a bit light I was able to spend most of my time at the display.
July 1, 2017 Canada Day

In Honour of Canada Day I created this special Canada 150 Car.  Canada Day Car
August 5-7, 2017 BC Day Long WSeekend at BCSME

On the BC Day Long weekedn we had our first setup of 2017 at BCSME.
It was along hot three days. One day too long for a display. The layout ran well despite all that.
I worked on the first of the two reverse loop modules.  First 2017 BCSME Display
 First Loop with cork
Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2017 BCSME
On the weekend of September 30 / October 1, 2017 we had our second BCSME display of 2017.
This was our first display with two return loops and the staging yard inside.
On the Sunday before the display opened we worked on the power wiring for the whole layout as well as track on the back access track.  PSecond BCSME Display The display ran well. The two loops with the staging inside completely chnage the nature of the layout.
It was a GREAT SHOW!
October 13-15, 2017
 Chilliwack 2017 Display
Chillwack was our bigest display ever. We had modules from Terry, Tibi, Voytek, Bjoern and all my modules.
With over 1.6 scale miles of track from tip of loop to tip of loop, with both mainlines, staging and all sidings counted, we had over five scale miles of TT-Scale track. It was awesome and too big to cover with one photograph. It is also probably the largest display we can handle with the current number of members.
We arrived early Friday evening, Terry and Graeme first, then Tibi, then myself and then Voytek.
We worked on the setup til 10 PM and then I headed back home.
Saturday morning the guys finished setup and started running. I arrived about 2 PM with a few missing bits.
We went for a group dinner (and beer) at Mr Mikes Steak House. Then I went back home.
Sunday we were all there by 9:30 AM. Ran to 4 PM. Then packed up Voytek first so he could hit the road fast. We finished packing up, went to Ricky's for dinner and then home. After a few stops for me (Gas, pickup a repair and the rest stop to let the long slug of traffic I was stuck in go by). Home at a reasoable time. Crash.
Unload Monday. Suffer through the post show cold the following weekend.

It was a great setup. Looking forward to doing it again next year.
West end of the display.
 Chilliwack 2017 Display
Modules in order: Staging Loop Two, Module 1, Straight Filler Module, Diamond Corner, three of Terrys modules, two of Tibis modules including a crossover module and the staging yard access, Bjoerns second Bridge Module, my abandoned spur module, Bjoerns Two-Module Bridge.
South side of the display.
 South Side of Display
Bjoerns Baseball Diamond Module, Filler module, Crossover Module, Terrys Bridge Module, Station Module, Tibis Second Crossover Module, Wye Access Module.
East side of the display
 East end of display
In the back, the First New 30" Corner, the Abandonded Crossing Module, the Second 30" Corner, the New Back Track Junction Module, the Four Track Crossover Module, a Four Track Filler Module, Tibis Four Track Filler Module and the Station Corner.
North Side of the display.
 Chilliwack 2017 Display
From the corner, the Industrial Access module, the Farm Crossover Module, The Bridge Junction Module, the Short Crossover Module, The Swayback Module, Voyteks three Double Modules, the two Half Depth Modules, and the second Reverse Loop Module. In thenbackground you can see the staging yard inside the loop.
November 11-12 2017, Vancouver Train Expo

Vancouver Train Expo 2017 is coming fast. Due to limitations on space we will have a smaller display.
 Projected 2017 VTE Display

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