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As this page was getting a bit long it has been split into pages by years.

January 1, 2018
Happy New Year
A quick look back at the TT-Scale and TT-Tracks highlights of 2017:
  • A good setup at Western Rails
  • Two good setups at BCSME including our first with the return loops.
  • Our Largest ever display at Chilliwack
  • A good display at VTE 2017
2017 was another good year for TT-Scale!
January 1, 2018
This is Kansas City NMRA National Year!

Unfortunately due to lacka wampum we will not be displaying.
January 18, 2018
Happy Birthday
TT-Tracks is Seven.
Sunday March 18, 2018 - Western Rails
We had a good setup at Western Rails 2018. They had more space than we asked for so were able to expand into the space.
We ended up at 33' x 14' plus the GuiTTar layout has come home. I am buying the GuiTTar layout from Bjoern.  Western Rails 2018 Display Western Rails 2018 Display . Voytek came down with bis modules.
Saturday after we were finished setting up we went across the street to Red Robbin for beer and a burger.

 A toast to absent friends Dinner at Red Robin

We had a good time. As the public was a bit light I was able to spend most of my time at the display.
Sunday May 26, 2018 - Victoria Show

I took the GuiTTar layout to the Victoria Model railway show on Vancouver Island. It was a good show.  Victoria Show
July 21-22 at BCSME

 First 2018 BCSME Display During setup on the Friday
September 2-3 at BCSME

The display was arranged to bring the modules back from the table edges. It did cut down on little hand incidents.
The PSX-2s acted up so we wired around them. Later I discovered that they needed to be programmed to operate slower than the auto reversers.
 First 2018 BCSME Display Sunday - Labour Day weekend
September 24 at home.

A test setup to try the new #6 Kuehn turnouts and the reprogrammed PSX's. All worked well.
 Side view of home display Home display.
October 13-14, 2018 Chilliwack

I believe our largest setup ever. Indeed probably the largest setup in North America in the last 50 years. New #6 crossover modules. New staging yard from Tibi.
The reprogrammed PSXs acted up again and again they were wired around.
From timing tests it is estimated that one complete circuit of the double track mainline, loop to loop, was 3.5 scale miles long.
 Side view of Chilliwack display Chilliwack 2018 display.
October 13-14, 2018 Chilliwack Plan

 Side view of Chilliwack display
November 10, 11, 2018 Vancouver Train Expo

I brought extra tables in case space was availble and it was.
It was a good setup. Voytek brought his new modules but there were wiring issues.
We used the power modue with bypassed PSXs. The WiFi LocoMouse refused to conect to the system. It later worked perfectly at home.
Despite small issues it was a good show.
 Setup at VTE 2018 Saturday Morning before the public.
VTE Final Plan

 Plan of setup
November - Early December 2018

A new thirty degree corner set was built. The three modules were designed to fit in a standard module transportation box. It used Peco code 75 rail in tie strips.
 Corner copmparison Thirty degree corner set compared to a forty five degree corner.

Note the double connector on the power cable to the forty-five degree corner. This is also on the thirty-degree corner set. This built in splitter makes it easier to daisy chain the power cables around the layout.
This 30 degree corner project has used up most of my scenery and track materials.

The scenery materials (ballast, grass, and glues) have been restocked this month; December. APP Shells and contacts have been restocked.
Track materials - Bedding Track pieces, flex track and rail joiners will be ordered early in the new year.
Laser cut module bases and foam for the new 22.5 degree corner set will be ordered at that time as well.

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Equipment Modules Resin Cars Events To be determined 2

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